I’m Writing a Book! (And I need Your Help With The Title)

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Big, big news here! I’ve kept it a secret far too long and it’s time to spill…


If you’ve noticed that the frequency of my blog posts has been, well, down lately, that’s why.

What’s the book about?

Teaching social media.

The book will touch on topics discussed on this blog. But it is so much more than what I’ve published on this blog. The book is a comprehensive guide to planning and executing a social media class. I’m talking end-to-end. Everything you  need. Think of it like an entire brain dump of everything I do to teach my social media class. But it is an organized brain dump. In fact, it provides a series of assignments that all gel together to make a unifying class from week 1 to week 15.  Below is the synopsis.  But first, here’s where you come in.

Without you, the readers of this blog, this book wouldn’t exist. So I am asking for your help in coming up with a title. What’s better than to use social media to crowdsource the title of a book about social media?

Please complete the below survey by Monday, June 24 if you would like to contribute. Thank you so, so much!

Link to survey: https://forms.gle/ps3SvWMdPiEDtWvv9.


Designed around a semester-long social media project with assignments and activities that build upon each other, this book offers an end-to-end plan for building and executing a social media class from the ground up. It provides everything you need from week 1 to week 15 to turn your class into a hands-on, engaged learning environment where your students will take on a client and build and execute a social media plan. Your students will learn by doing.

The social media environment is transforming at lightning speed. Students must learn more than software skills. That’s why the book follows the What, Why, How, Do, Reflect framework which aims to teach students adaptable knowledge and skills and ever-lasting abilities such as critical thinking, problem solving, creative thinking, and ethical decision-making.

The economic realities of higher education make it challenging for professors to provide an education due to a lack of access to software and resources. Costly software and access to external clients are nice but not needed. This book shows you how to deliver a high quality, experiential class on a shoe-string budget.

Both new and experienced professors will enjoy this book.

Excited? I hope so. I sure am!

The book will be available this fall. News and updates will be available right here. So…


UPDATE: 8/14/19

My new book, Teach Social Media: A Plan for Creating a Course Your Students Will Love, is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle eBook.


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