Summer Break Update

Summer is in full swing. And I’ve got a busy summer ahead. As always, during the summer months I will be toning back my frequency of posting on this blog. I do have a few things I’ll post here and there. Not to worry, I’ll be picking up full steam with my regular publication schedule of posting every 2 weeks during the academic year.


This blog tends to get a lot of traffic in summer in relation assignments and syllabi  that I have shared over the years.


If you are looking for assignments and syllabi, you’ll see that I’ve written about many of my assignments and included the assignment documents themselves.

To access those select the green menu bar at the top titled “Blog topics” -> “Teaching Social Media” -> “Classes” and then select the class.


Syllabi can be accessed either via the “Syllabi” menu at the top of this blog and selecting the course, or by selecting the “Teaching Materials” menu and navigating to an external document repository to access all my uploaded syllabi.

If you have questions about any of the assignments or syllabi, please do not hesitate to send me a Tweet. I’d be happy to chat.

A few Quick Updates

I am super excited to announce that I earned tenure and will be an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication this upcoming fall.  The adventure to earning tenure was a lot of work, but I had a ton of fun and made sure not to stress too much about it. I am excited now for the projects and opportunities before me.

What do I have planned for the summer?

Lots of things. As always, I’ll be tweaking classes and assignments here and there. In fact, I’ve already developed a new project for my Communication Research class in the hopes of enhancing the tie in of social media data and software into that class (I’ll blog about this in the spring when I teach the class again). A few highlights include:

  • Preparing my Persuasion and Message Design Course which I will be teaching for the first time next semester.
  • Traveling to Australia – I’ll be spending a few weeks “down under.”
  • Social Network Analysis class – I’m planning to work through this free online social network analysis MOOC by Leonid Zhukov and Dr. Ilya Makarov to enhance my knowledge of social network analysis.
  • Service projects – I’m working with a non-profit to assist them with a global digital communication project.
  • Research – Working on a small grant I got with research colleagues to prepare for our upcoming study of the upcoming presidential election. I’m also working on a few other projects.
  • Studying Spanish – I’ve always wanted to learn a second language and I plan to spend some free time learning a little.
  • Reading several books – mostly books of personal interest. But there are a few social media books have been recommended to me I’m hoping to get time to get around to.
  • Other creative projects? I’ve been bouncing around the idea of starting a podcast (I have a few ideas) or starting a separate blog for some area of personal growth (e.g., organization, productivity, or similar vein of self improvement), writing a book, or some other type of creative project. Feel free to Tweet your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions on these to me!

I hope you have a wonderful summer! I hope you get to both relax and work on the projects that fuel and inspire you!  Stay in touch! I’ll see you soon!


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